X-Ray Protection

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Bermedi X-Ray Protective Clothing
is made of extremely flexible multi-layered lead rubber and comfortably  wearable. Its vinyl cover can easily be washed off and desinfected. The sophistical design and first class quality guarantees a long-life use. Our protective clothing is manufactured according to DIN 6813 and RöV standards.

Protective Glass
Bermedi Lead Glass protecting against X-rays and gamma rays.

Lead Equivalent:
1,6 - 2,2 - 2,7 - 3,2 mm Pb

Glass Thickness:
5,0 - 11,5 mm - dependent on lead equivalent

Max. Dimensions:
width: 1.000 mm
length: 2.100 mm

Available in all sizes requested within the maximum dimensions. All edges are rounded and polished.

Protective Window
Lead glass windows can be delivered with lead shielded frame made of stainless steel.

Larger dimensions can be laminated by smaller glass sheets. Special coatings, laminatings, drill holes etc. on request.