The ultrasonic gel Bermedi Gel US is a contact agent intended for use in external ultrasound applications and can be used in therapeutic and diagnostic medicine.

Bermedi Gel US is highly viscous and non-drip; it permits excellent wetting of the skin and correct acoustic transmission, as appropriate for the wide frequency ranges applied in modern medical ultrasound procedures. The acoustic parameters have been inspected by an independent laboratory.

The gel provides maximum depth of penetration and minimum self-reflection, as it is produced free of micro-bubbles under vacuum.

According to dermatological tests, the gel can be classified as safe in that it does not cause irritation to the skin. The preservative concentration has been reduced to a minimum by means of tests to determine sufficient preservation; the preservative is free of formaldehyde.

The Gel is abailable in packings of 250 ml, 500 ml as well as 1 und 5 litres.